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Company Profile

Simco is one of the most important Italian consulting and training companies.

Since 1981, when it was established, it has been developing over 1,800 projects for more than 450 Customers of different sizes and sectors.

Our mission consists in combining skills and technologies to analyze and improve processes, motivate and qualify Human Resources in order to control and develop the company overall performances.

The success of Simco is the issue of both the results obtained by its Customers in terms of improvement in performances and development of abilities, and the establishment of lasting relationships based on transparency, cooperation and confidence.

Our method does not supply standard solutions but rather offers a customized approach, tailored on the real needs of the Customer and inspired by reality and innovation. Special attention has been devoted to the use of advanced tools in order to have the project results certified by complex analyses; for more than 15 years Simco has been using the dynamic simulation as well as innovatory products for stock assessment, factory lay out control, pallet diagram definition, transport route optimization, project data processing and the creation of “control panels�.

Simco can develop a cooperation relation which goes from the definition of improvement and change actions up to the support during implementation, to ease and check the goal achievement.

To describe in detail fields and methods of our intervention we propose the following outline, even though we are convinced that the best results are often obtained by integrating the studies of the different areas.